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Here's what you've all been waiting for!
jessicahoward wrote in meteorgamesnews
A new island upgrade was released yesterday. Just 10,000 coins!

Also, new hairstyles, clothing and accessories for your avatar. Click on your profile picture beside your island name to customize your character.

New Island upgrade is now available! Check your map button to upgrade your island.

We added a new character creator to the game. New hairstyles, clothing, and accessories are available to customize your character.

Fixed a bug that was caused by the rollback. Users should no longer see “Missing island” related errors.

Various optimization changes to the code to make the game run faster.


Also, a post from Adam on the discussion boards about slowdowns you may be experiencing:

Hi everybody, the game's a little slow and I just wanted to explain what was going on.

Releasing the Island Upgrade and the customisations at the same time just put too much load on the servers. There's just a lot of people playing right now (20% more than normal) and as a result it's going to be slow and unresponsive for a bit.

Really sorry about that - we're going to try and change some stuff around tomorrow so it's ok.

If the game doesn't load, or it hangs or freezes just try refreshing the page, or click "Play Game" from the menu again.

Anyway, the good news is that we have some more servers on the way so this shouldn't happen again for a while.


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