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A message about the current gameplay situation...
jessicahoward wrote in meteorgamesnews
From Hicks on the Facebook discussion board:

We have just synced a fix that should stop the "perma stealing" bug and also fix "inability to steal bug". Optimizations are making progress but we are not ready to sync any of those changes yet.

I am also going to repost my explanation of the current situation regarding the database for those that missed it in other threads.

"Yesterday and today we have been experiencing unusually high server load (this is when many people access the game at once). The problems you guys have been experiencing in this thread (stealing/inability to steal, islands not saving, losing harvests, multiple harvest ques) are all symptoms of this high server load.

It's a misconception that we made a change that caused this server load to happen for the majority of users. Trust me, if we could simply revert a change to restore normal functionality we would.

Currently we are looking at the code to see where the slowdowns are occurring, were adding hardware, and looking at server configurations. This issue is our top priority."



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