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Lots of patches last week
jessicahoward wrote in meteorgamesnews
Here's the official word on last weeks updates:

Patch Notes October 16th 2009

Major code rewrite to use Facebook session have been implemented to fix numerous issues.

Fixed an issue where users were logging into other peoples islands.

Fixed an issue where users were receiving a white screen when attempting to load the application.

Fixed various neighbor and gifting related bugs.

Fixed a bug in the shop that prevented file versions being read. This caused item previews to be outdated on some items.

Shop subsections added to make item searching a bit easier.

Items can now be moved to your inventory by selecting the move item button then dragging the selected item to your inventory chest.

Removed the confirmation screen to allow for faster acceptance of gifts.

Fixed an issue where some users couldn't post new feeds by clicking on the dog icon

When a lost dog is found and placed on an island, the user will now have the chance to thank their friends by making a feed post. The first 5 users who click the feed post will receive 20XP and earn 20XP for the original poster too.

New Halloween items have been added! These items will be in the shop for a limited time.



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