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jessicahoward wrote in meteorgamesnews
Posted by Echo on the MG forums:

Dog clarification: So I talked to the developer who wrote the dog code - If you don't have your dog you should get a pop up (it's automatic in game and not the pop up that you produce by clicking the dog head) in the game saying you lost your dog and you have the option to post this notification to your wall again. If you click to post that pop up, someone can click on it once and get XP and help find your dog. This only works for the notification that is placed on your wall via the auto-popup rather than the one produced by clicking on the dog's head. If that makes sense... I think I got it out right.

So the gist is if you post the pop up that comes on automatically saying you lost your dog, do this for ten days and you only need 1 friend to click on the new post each day. After that you should find your pup in storage.


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My dog never showed up in storage

I still have not seen my dog appear in my storage. The trophy for canines is listed as achieved but the dog never appeared in my storage. Please help.

Re: My dog never showed up in storage

Hi! I can't help with that, but support should be able to do something. This page on the Wiki can help if you are having any trouble contacting them:

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