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New inventory feature!
jessicahoward wrote in meteorgamesnews
Here is the latest patch notes. Included is a new feature that allows you to store decorative items in your inventory! Just in time for Halloween, you can now put away some of your other decorations. (Source)

Since its been a a few days since my last official patch notes I thought I would make a more concise post on whats going on in-office.

Were still working on the white screen and logging into neighbor island bugs. We believe these bugs are a byproduct of the way we were handling some of the authentication code. This has been a pretty big re-write and we have made a great deal of progress. So expect to see that update in the near future.

This is what was added in the last sync:

“Lost Dog” feature added.

Decorative features are now movable into your gift in-box/inventory.

Fixed a bug that caused some users to leave Facebook while playing the game.

Fixed bug that caused features queued for insertion into the inventory to
vanish when queued before a non-queued action like fertilizing or placing a
new feature.

Facebook feed posts added when purchasing a chicken coop or a goat bell. These new feed posts now contain a wealth share link that grants the clicker 25 coins. The original poster does not receive any coins from this click.


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